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Omniio Headquarters

Omniio Headquarters
The Omniio concept and mission is to set ourselves apart in the global gift industry as an innovative and creative company, providing inspirational products that produce positive emotions while celebrating the everyday moments of our lives. Omniio provides employment & licensing opportunities to creative professionals that have the drive and passion to grow with a rising company.

Our Commitments

Omniio is committed to the ideal that being socially and environmentally responsible are key components of a great company. As part of our corporate culture we operate using four key principles:

Commitment to the Environment

We have adapted a policy of sustainability throughout our product development life cycle. For example we use recycled paper for our cards, envelopes and coordinating products. We are also investigating the potential of using tree free paper and other methods to lower our carbon footprint.

Commitment to our Community

Omniio has a significant commitment to the community in which we live, working with local companies to support our local economy.

We also recognize that in the Internet Age the concept of community spans geography. Our broader community consists of our customers, our suppliers, our employees and their families. We support the concept of corporate responsibility so that all members of our extended community can share in the value we strive to bring to their lives.

Commitment to our Customers

We share with our customers our passion for creating new-age products that enhance each moment of our lives. We believe in the power of creativity and words to offer celebration in times of happiness, support in times of trouble, comfort in times of distress and passion when in love.

Commitment to our Suppliers

Omniio has sought out high quality suppliers to our business to ensure the quality of our products. A key factor in our choice of suppliers is our embracing of the concept of positive buying. Positive buying is all about using suppliers who support our high standards in ethical practices, produce products in eco-friendly methods and who support our high quality of standards.

Thank you to all who share in our commitment to the world.

Heather Paige Adolphi
Founder & CEO

Heather Paige, Omniio Founder and CEO
Heather is an artist herself whom brings over 13 years entrepreneurial experience to the business world by developing, maintaining and eventually selling 7 online ventures, all relating to the arts and creative development.

Since the inception of O!, her dedication to detail, creative marketing alliances and sense of leadership have created a vast array of product options, creating a fierce competition in both the traditional gift world as well as the global online gift world.

Heather's love for the environment and her community shows throughout the array of green products offered by Omniio. Every product inception is initiated with careful consideration of how the product will positively impact our world today and in the future.

Vicky Forehand
President of Product Development

Vicky Forehand, President of Product Development
Vicki has always had an entrepreneurial spirit & has owned several businesses over the course of her life. She is the mother of two beautiful children & has always had a passion for people and helping others. As a former nurse of 38 years, Vicki knows the importance of good health inside and out. With her science knowledge, she formulated a product that was excellent for skin & good for the environment because she was tired of all the commercial bath and body products full of preservatives and artificial "junk". Not only does she have a passion for people but for animals too. As a farmer, she has raised goats for over 10 yrs and is the local goat "guru". Many people in the community seek out her expertise and services to care for their goats. She is active in her community with the local farmer's markets and educating others about natural alternatives to the everday products.

Lauren Bruso
Director of Social Media

Lauren Bruso, Director of Social Media
Lauren, Vicki's daughter, has been helping her mom make soaps for years. When she is not working on the farm, she handles all social media accounts for Omniio, continually looking for opportunities to expand the business. Lauren has a passion for people and wishes to make a difference in her community and the world. She is currently working on a Bachelor's degree in Environmental studies. She has a strong passion for helping the environment and believes in making our Earth a better place for today and the future. Lauren believes that everyone has the right to know where their products come from and what they are made of. In her spare time, she enjoys the beach and spending time with her friends and family.

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